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Payson 90000 Service

Receive expert 90,000 Mile Service at your local Payson Auto Repair

AutoWorks Car Care proudly serves Payson by fulfilling all of the 90K service requirements set out for your Honda, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Volkswagen, Toyota and many other vehicles. Our certified technicians have been well trained to work on many types of vehicles currently on the streets of Payson. Their understanding of how to do the 90K service that you car needs is some of the best you’ll find around.

The 90K service is very important, many of the fluids and vehicle systems that are essential to the safe operation of your vehicle are inspected and repaired or replaced based on their needs and condition. No matter how great of care you have taken of your car, even if you have brought it in to us at AutoWorks Car Care, it will have incurred some unavoidable wear. The expert care at AutoWorks Care Care will help keep your repair needs at your 90,000 service to a minimum. Come to us whether you need just a few repairs, or many different services and we’ll be happy to help you on your way.

Some of the common 90,000 service requirements include:

  • inspecting belts, hoses, vacuum lines
  • changing transmission fluid and checking seals
  • oil change
  • checking the brake system and brake pads
  • flushing the air conditioning system
  • rotating and aligning tires

Most of the time you’re looking at partial replacement or repairs to these parts. A complete replacement of these parts is rare if you’ve been coming to AutoWorks Car Care for your regular service needs in Payson. If it’s time for you 90,000 service, give our staff a call to book an appointment that fits your schedule.