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    Ultimately, the service provided to my vehicle was appropriate; however, I think that the guys did not have a strong sense of urgency, especially since they knew that my daughter and I needed the car as soon as possible. I made it clear to them that my daughter was stranded here in Payson for the two days it took to get her Highlander's emissions testing/repair effected. Apparently, they needed to take the car for a test ride (they did so twice as I understand). After the first one, they said that it needed gas so I authorized them to add fuel to accommodate the need for the f/u test drive, adding the extra cost to my total bill. I stopped by the next morning to learn that they couldn't find the "in house" gas card, that one of the techs had it and they didn't know where he was (they were unable to get in touch with him since the evening before). They had made no effort to contact me and wasted the better part of that whole morning. When I learned this, I gave Jackson $5 and told them to fuel the vehicle. The problem was resolved by the afternoon and the vehicle passed emissions.

    Thank you, Dave for letting me know. Yes, some of my guys are fairly new and still learning. I brought this up in our weekly training meeting today and we are always working on making our customer service better. We will do better next time. As always, I appreciate your business and you for giving us the chance to improve. Shaun - AutoWorks Car Care
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    Was told my appointment would take 1 hour for an oil change and an emmissions test. An hour after I arrived I was told my car was done. I asked about the Emission test and they said I never told them I wanted one. I asked them to check the calendar and sure enough, there it was. He told me it'd be another 15min. It took another hour. I had to waste time from my day off to wait for a simple procedure that somehow took you guys forever. There was no apology or compensation just a "here's your keys, bye". Will not be coming here again.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Sam. We are always trying to improve our our customer service and we could have definitely done better. I have spoken with my team about this and we are taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. I'm sorry our service was not up to your expectation. - AutoWorks Car Care
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    My wife and I have been bringing our vehicles here for 7 years. They are very professional and honest. They tell us what is wrong then gives us their recommendation for the repair. Then we chose what we wont to do. Their recommendations have always been spot on and have worked great for us. They have worked on a Honda odyssey, Subaru out back, Ford F150, Mazda B4000, and Jeep Wrangler for us, they have done simple oil changes and new tires to a full engine rebuild to transmission work and all of the work was done well and fast. We look forward to continue to bring our broken vehicles to auto works.

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    I brought my sons car in I told them it was running rough and was leaking oil from the valve cover. I have worked on my cars my whole life and have a auto mechanics degree but did not have the time to do this repair. They quoted me 240 for the valve cover gasket. Which I looked online and the most expensive one I could find was 65 dollars I called them on it and they dropped the price to 125. When I called the second time he transferred me to the owner he explained to me that they have to use better quality parts for warranty purposes I then asked well don't you get parts from napa he then got angry said he has to make money. I understand that but online says shops usually charge between 25 percent and 50 percent on parts. If I had not said anything a 65 dollar part would have cost me 2 hundred and 40 dollars so while most shops charge 25 to 50 percent on parts this shop tried to charge me almost 400 percent on this part and was angry when I called him on it. Won't take my car back. And my car is still running rough.

    Sorry you feel that way, Scott. We do our best to provide quality service and stand behind our work. I talked to you after the 4th or 5th time you called my Service Advisor to complain about the price of the gasket. I was not angry at all. I just told you that this is what we can do the job for and if you don't want to pay that, fine. You could come get your car. You told me to just go ahead and get it done, so we did. The running rough/vibration you are feeling should be taken care of when you replace the motor mounts we recommended. - AutoWorks Car Care
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    Thanks for your help

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    Good service overall!

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    Every time I’ve been here I’ve been impressed by how friendly and efficient the staff are. Today I had a windshield wiper blade that had come loose and Kevin got it fixed up in less than a minute and didn’t try to gouge me with a fee for it. They are a good old fashioned help your neighbor out, kind of business. I would recommend these guys to anyone! Thanks guys!

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    I love bringing my vehicles here, I feel I get an honest opinion and no pressure when it comes to decide if I want to perform the work they recommend. I was having them change my oil when I over heard a very upset customer disputing a charge they had several months prior stating they had brought their car there for them to fix it. They did charge them and did fix the problem however the same problem came back hence the reason they were back and upset. I believe Greg was the one handling this situation and assured them they honor their work and told the customer they will check it and fix it again at no cost if it was the same problem. I assume it must have been the same problem because the customer was very pleased and calmed down almost immediately compared to the start of the conversation demanding what worked they performed and why they did it in the first place. I personnaly feel they are honest and stand by their work and will make it right reguardless the cost. I have been a customer of theirs for years and will continue to come back.

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    Job well done.

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    These guys were absolutely amazing. Being a single woman and taking my Volvo to them to replace the blower motor, they made me feel at ease and also saved me quite a bit of money along with being very personable. Thomas is great to work with and I will now go to them for all of my car needs.

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