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Payson 60000 Service

Get expert 60,000 Mile Service at AutoWorks today!

One of the biggest services your car will undergo is the 60,000 service. This is right around the midway point of your vehicles life, and it can be the difference between a car that lasts and a car that finds itself in the scrap yard! AutoWorks Car Care has been in Payson performing quality 60K services for all makes and models of cars since 1998.

Each 60K service is different as 60,000 miles will play out differently for each car. As long as all of your maintenance has been kept up to date, which we can do at AutoWorks Car Care, you can expect the following at your 60,000 service:

  • A full tune up
  • Fluid changes all around
  • Suspension inspection
  • Brake system inspection
  • All belts will likely be replaced
  • Seals will be checked, the camshaft and crankshaft are commonly checked during a timing belt change
  • All areas checked for leaks
  • Timing must be adjusted if new timing belt installed

This is a typical 60K service. What your specific car will need is up to the directions of your owner’s manual, the service team member at AutoWorks Car Care, and your opinion. The car owners in Payson demand to be informed and we will certainly include you in the process.

Call us at AutoWorks Car Care a few days before you hit 60,000 miles to schedule yourself in for a thorough and complete 60,000 service. We’ve been trusted with many of these jobs in the past by Payson vehicle owners and we are ready to serve you too!